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The Everglades is an amazing "River of Grass" set up by nature to purify our water supply and environment. You will see a rare collection of magnificent birds, reptiles, and flora above the water, in its own habitat of 1.5 million acres. It would take about a week to navigate the 100 mile wilderness waterway which winds through rivers, creeks, and bays on its way to Flamingo Bay.

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Its very existence, the majority of which is now under the guidance of man, has been under controversy since the 1970’s up to today. Join with us on an eco-tour of the Everglades and judge the situation for yourself.

An alligator is sure to raise his head early in the morning, and if we watch closely, we can see the flowers bloom just barely above the waters edge. We will explore a small portion it’s existence, and of course revel in its beauty.

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A vast variety of wildlife can be seen everywhere in the Everglades.


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