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WHETHER YOU TRAVEL BY SEA VIA A CRUISE OR BY LAND VIA PLANE, Jamaica is one destination to be explored. It is one of the most progressive of the Caribbean islands and sensitive to tourism as well. Their area schools are geared to teaching hospitality and tourism as a vocation no matter the level of responsibility.

The natural appeal of their beaches, mountains and rivers is a fair back drop to the grandeur of their beach hotels to the simplified dwellings of their mountain retreats. I am pleased to offer both options for you to explore as Jamaica becomes a passion on even your first visit.

HOW ABOUT A DESTINATION WEDDING in Jamaica for you and family.


If flying through the treetops to the beach to glimpse the natural beauty of each or horseback riding in the surf is your selection we can arrange it through Chukka to enhance your inclusive package. How about tubing on the Martha Brae? And smell the richness and taste of the Blue Mountain coffee which lingers at every breakfast experience and mixed with achee and spice is really nice.

Our All Inclusive land packages begin at $550.00 per person for 3 days and two nights and up to the most luxurious accommodations on the island.

We are the experts in matching people and properties to create the most
satisfying experience imaginable on the island of
J A M A I C A !!



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