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article about Adrienne Chiron of Travel Trackers

Hi, Adrienne,
Thanks for a great tour last Saturday. Your informative and entertaining tour was perfect for an overview of the city. We enjoyed learning about the history and development of Miami, and your commentary on Art Deco architecture was fascinating. Also, we loved walking around in the Biltmore.
We appreciated the heads-up on the airport refusing to check in passengers until 3 hrs. in advance of flight time. However, your solution—dropping us off in front of Priority Access and engaging the skycap on duty to take our bags—was a stroke of genius! He checked us in immediately, no questions asked. Also, later I found out that, because I had a mileage tkt, I did indeed have the access—”Priority Access” was printed in big letters on my BP.
Happy to leave our luggage in good hands, we addressed lunch. Au Bon Pain, obviously popular, was jammed, so we went on through security. Once we got to our concourse, we did find a restaurant—we grabbed a just-vacated table and, having plenty of time, enjoyed a long lunch. Our flight left on time, and we even got into San Diego early.
Our cruise was a great success, and the Miami tour was a perfect way to finish off our vacation.
Thanks again from Asoka and me.
Best regards,

Just wanted to thank all who responded to my request for a tour guide in Fort Lauderdale. Special thanks to Sharon Emerson who recommended Adrienne Chiron of TravelTrackers ( who offered a great tour, but also pointed me in the direction of a boat tour provider (the Carrie B) who has arranged exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks to Adrienne for her guidance and advice. I understand that she is expanding her services into Tampa as well. I look forward to using Adrienne’s services in the future and can also recommend her to other agents in need of tours and assistance for their clients in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Tampa or Port Canaveral as well.
Kelly Shannahan
Salisbury Cruise & Travel, LLC
I am just back in office after a detour to Washington D.C.Your guidance on the school system is valued and shall certainly be taken into account in our report. Every bit of help is welcome.May I again express our very high appreciation for the time you spent with us and sharing all that knowledge! There is indeed no substitute for professionalism!
Albie Laubscher
Director: Consular Development, Strategy and Legalisation,Chief Directorate: Consular Services,Department of International Relations and Cooperation,Republic of South Africa.
“Just to let you know that the four of us that were staying at Marco Island keep talking about you all the time and what a wonderful time we had. Your “ear” should be permanently ringing.”
Thank you!
Beverly Banker,
Roselle, IL
Thank you, you’re the best!!“The cruise and cabin were especially wonderful and we want to thank you for our fabulous upgrades! It was perfect! We could not be more delighted and thrilled.You are awesome and we are so appreciative. We can’t wait to go on our next cruise.”
Many, many thanks.
Carol and Ladd Howell,
Miami Lakes, FL
“Thanks for all of your help on our big arrival day. We appreciate that you worked so hard to assist our group! Great job. We hope to work with you again in the future!
Thank you and good luck with your business!”
Jim, Jan and EGR Staff
“Just a kind word of thanks for everything that you’ve done.”
The Dunlay’s Family Reunion
“Thank you for all you have done. It’s great having you for my travel needs.”
As Always,
Jeannie Wilson
“We enjoyed the trip very much. It was the perfect blend of naps, watersports, sightseeing, sunrises and sunsets. We are still raving about our time at Timo’s. We walked back over there for dessert later that week. Thank you for choosing the perfect dining destination.We also saw the Turnberry’s site which looks like a beautiful resort. We know that the criteria for the conference site is the proximity to the airport so the employees don’t have to rent a car.”We’ll keep in touch!!
Houston, Texas
“Once again, I want to say “thank you” for treating me to a great tour!
You are a wonderful person!”
“Thanks again for our wonderful culinary excursion to Timo’s. We had an awesome time. I’m joining Jim in Los Angeles at the end of October. He will be training and I’ll be sightseeing! We will stay in touch this year. Blessings to you and your business.”
Gail Creel, St. Louis, MO

By: Dawn Brinkley of Legalshield Small Business Solutions“Had the Pleasure of meeting up with Adrienne Chiron and what an Awesome Meet and Greet!… She is not only a Travel Agent but she owns her own Travel Tour company in South Florida… She has been in the Industry for a long time and knows how to listen to her clients requests, make suggestions and make sure the trip has coverage in the event of a problem! Adrienne provides Comprehensive Travel Services so don’t hesitate to give her a call
Jan 3, 2022, Pamela and Family
Great trip to the Everglades-5 STARS
Tripadvisor review: Private 4-Hour Exciting Everglades TourThe tour was fabulous. Our guide and our boat captain made this experience so enjoyable and relaxing!
Thanks to them both for a wonderful day in a beautiful part of our country.

“Worked with Travel trackers before and what a service, when planning your next trip , conference tour or transportation needs , give them a call you wont regret it , Adrienne is One of the best out there.”
Jannette Alix
Advocate Health inc. & Lincoln Heritage, Miami, FL

“Adrienne knows her stuff. Trust her to guide you on your next vacay :)”
Leslie Brashear
Delightful Sites, Atlanta, GA

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